Our team

What is our goal in the long run?

To create an affordable and easy to use defibrillator that works whenever and where ever needed. This will provide much needed care to so many who currently do not have access to it.

Our experience in engineering have taught us the importance of creating devices that just work. The Crankable Defibrillator is being designed and tested to do just that.

"The Crankable Defibrillator will improve the lives of so many millions of people in the world. Its amazing to be a part of bringing it to life."

Ram Dhurjaty, PhD –

Dhurjaty Electronics Consulting LLC. Specializes in Medical Device Architecture, Design, Analog, X-Ray Power, Magnetics, Root-cause failure-analysis.

Expertise in low noise Analog Electronics, Power Supplies, X-Ray and High Current, High Power. Medical device architecture and commercialization of devices such as monitoring systems, defibrillators.

Recent projects

Hand Cranked Defibrillator
Multi-Channel battery operated ECG amplifier
Electrical Impedance spectroscopy for tissue characterization
Battery operated X-Ray generator, power supply and magnetics